Welcome to Crossfire Gaming

The server made under the names of Paco and Aaron; this server was created as the rebirth of Janus gaming, which was up for a short while. We promise to our members and staff that we will bring new and innovative events in order to immerse you!

Our mission statement: To have the best events, staff and commanders to take care of our members. There will always be something to do on the server from sims, events, trainings, and etc.

Our hope for the server: To make all of our players happy and have an enjoyable time on the server. Along with that, we strive to have one of the best communitys in Gmod.

Owner: Aaron and Paco

Head Gamemaker: Aaron

Staff Manager:

Server Managers: N/A

Super Admins
: N/A

Teamspeak Server: crossfiregaming.teamspeak3.com

Server IP:

Any questions related to becoming staff or gamemakers can be answered by staff members or owners of the server.

Content Pack

Steam Group: HERE